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What is the best plein air easel?

What is the best plein air easel?

Plein air easel (en plein air) is getting increasingly popular both as an art form and as a lifestyle. As opposed to a studio easel, is used for when you are painting outdoors (‘en plein air’) and need something lightweight and suitable for different terrains. They are made from wood, aluminium, or a combination of the two.

The best plein air easel has these 4 characteristics:

– is lightweight
– can support a very large palette
– will hold large canvases
– has legs that are adjustable for different terrains.

When you are out plein air painting, you need the max usability but with the min weight for the plein air easels. What are the different types of plein air easels?


Camera tripod-mounted systems

These systems use a camera tripod to support your painting in a panel holder, and a palette for you to put your colors on.

These systems have a separate box for your palette that rests on two of the tripod legs. A panel holder attaches to the camera mount of the tripod using a quick release plate.

Box-type plein air easels with integrated legs

These systems have three or four legs that fold out from under a box.

Box Easels

Box Easels are similar to the French Easel concept but lighter, since they are made from modern materials

aluminium, or a combination aluminium and wood rather than wood.

Wood Easels

These systems use a regular wooden tripod for supporting both the palette and the painting.

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